We Understand

We Understand, It's Exciting

We understand that our clients are dealing with many various aspects of their lives, some of our clients are starting new adventures by opening up a new business or welcoming a new child into their lives. No matter what the next endeavor is, there are times where counseling and help are required to navigate the challenging pathway. 

We Understand, It's Scary

It is not the new endeavor that is scary, it is the fear of the unknown, the lack of knowledge and fear of making a mistake. The truth of the matter is we have grown up throughout our life taking calculated risks, and we will continue to take calculated risks as we venture through the remainder of our life. Even more scary is that we live in a world where we must wander in systems that we don't quite understand because that is just the way it is. Finances are one of those systems. We have a credit score from the moment we are born and debt is a part of many of our lives. However, the credit system is complicated and many people do not have the knowledge to navigate it. 


Lack of Knowledge, Leads to Lack of Power!


We educate all our clients on financial systems to not only fix past mistakes, but empower you for the future!  

We Understand, It Happens

We all make mistakes and encounter unfortunate events, we all do things we regret. At one time in our lives we have all woken up and said what have I done, or how could this of happened? It may be staring at those credit card bills we can't afford, the credit score that keeps dropping, or the family that you wish you could provide more for. We can't control when our company goes through layoffs, when an unexpected medical issue arises or an accident happens.


"But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"

-From the motion picture Rocky


Life happens, but it is about how we handle the hurdles life throws at us that determines our outcome. We are here to help you fight the battles you encounter.

We Understand, We Can Help

Endeavor Consulting will walk with you through every one of life's hard hits, excitements and decisions. We will educate you because we believe Knowledge is Power. We will empathize with you because we have Been There Too. We will help you weigh your options because Every Decision Regardless of How Small It Is, Is Important.


Your pain, your struggles and your excitements matter to us. We would love nothing more than to share in those experiences with you.

So...Wherever Your Personal & Business Adventures Take You;

We Will Help You Navigate!

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Endeavor Consulting Inc., is not a credit restoration or debt consolidation company.  It is a financial platform built off guiding clients in the areas of: Credit, Debt, Taxes and long term financial planning. Lack of client participation will have an overall affect on the results in an individuals clients progress.


All Credit Services contracted by Endeavor Consulting Inc., are completed, billed and serviced by, Summit Credit Services, INC, in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions Fair Credit Repair Organizations Act (FCROA). Summit Credit Services, Inc., is a third  party service provider.  Results may vary as each clients credit and financial circumstance are different.