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  • If you’ve invested in an expensive POS system, business softwares and CRM’s and feel disappointed, youre not alone. I know software can be frusterating but don’t give up on it before you actually give it a good go. Some #TIPS: DON’T set up your software unless you know what you’re doing! I know its tempting to set your programs up yourelf but You can set them up incorrectly and it can cost you big bucks later! DO you’re research on the software you pick. Your software is an investment for your future. Make sure that they have a great help center. *Remember to communicate really well with your employees. Changing software can be scary for people they fear their inability before they even try it out. Dont bombard your employees with too much info all at once, break it down into small bites. More #TIPS coming soon
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Endeavor Consulting Inc., is not a credit restoration or debt consolidation company.  It is a financial platform built off guiding clients in the areas of: Credit, Debt, Taxes and long term financial planning. Lack of client participation will have an overall affect on the results in an individuals clients progress.


All Credit Services contracted by Endeavor Consulting Inc., are completed, billed and serviced by, Summit Credit Services, INC, in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions Fair Credit Repair Organizations Act (FCROA). Summit Credit Services, Inc., is a third  party service provider.  Results may vary as each clients credit and financial circumstance are different.